BlueSky Designs has been the recipient of many Research and Development grants, including Small Business Innovation Research Awards (SBIR) to support the development of  universally accessible products in pursuit of its mission:

to design beyond the limits of today’s technology, expanding the capabilities of people with disabilities

We believe in thinking beyond the current reality, and envisioning what people could do if they only had products that were accessible to them:

  • a camping tent you could set up from a seated position, wheel into easily, with an accessible and private vestibule
  • a mounting system you can move safely and easily with limited dexterity
  • a portable device to assist in safely getting onto and off of boats–so you can go boating with your family, wherever you’d like
  • a seat that supports you low to the ground, and moves with you as you lean forward–so you can continue gardening long after your knee joints or back complain
  • a mounting and positioning system you can move yourself–even if you cannot move it physically
These grants have assisted BlueSky in designing beyond the limits of:

  • inflexible or inaccessible products
  • environmental barriers
  • a person’s physical abilities

The beauty of the SBIR program is it supports our efforts and allows us to take the time to:

  • really understand the need
  • develop truly innovative products that other companies won’t attempt because of the investment required
  • involve people with disabilities, their families in the development
  • seek input from key professionals such as Occupational Therapists, Recreation Therapists, Physical Therapists, Rehab Engineers, and Rehab Technology Suppliers in the process
  • collaborate with organizations that provide services and programs to people with disabilities

We’d like to extend a heartfelt “Thanks!” to the following sponsors of our Research and Development efforts!