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Andy VonDuyke

Andy VonDuyke


With a start in Industrial Design and his heart in making the world a better place Andy has proudly joined BSD to help develop the Mount’n Mover.

A Jack of All Trades, Andy does everything from sketching designs to building prototypes for BSD: when he’s not camping on Isle Royale tracking moose populations for his PhD that is.
Andy got his Bachelor degree at Purdue in Industrial Design. 15 years as a consultant taught him he wanted to branch out. He resigned and traveled to Antarctica for a winter working as a carpenter alongside biologists.

“I came back all fired up.” He’s currently a candidate for his PhD in Ecology at Michigan Tech as he completes his thesis concerning “The Effect of Winter Foraging Ecology of Isle Royale Moose.” Moose are a strong model for climate change as they are very sensitive to heat change.

Andy met Di while snow sculpting in Ely. He mentioned a desire to design something more meaningful (than his current project) such as a medical device. Three years later Di hired him. “It’s more than a product, it’s a way to help people” Andy says of the Mount’n Mover. Andy loves working in a small company with good people in a creative environment.

Andy has left for snowier pastures. He took a job in Barrow Alaska tagging seals.

More about Andy
He’s a bona fide Bird Brain: he’s set up video monitoring systems for Piping Plovers and Herons; and used a chick decoy to draw a predatory seagull away from the real nest
He is a PhD candidate in Wildlife Ecology, and teaches Biology
He was a Maker before Makers were cool—from garage shop inventor to sculpting snow