“I want to thank BlueSky Designs for not only being there but 100% listening to consumers instead of just other professionals in the field. We may not know anything as far as positioning and the actual engineering, but we log the most hours using the given product.”
Anthony Arnold, Client
I love the Mount ‘n Mover because it has allowed the student I work with to be more independent with his device.  He has been motivated to pull his device closer to access the pages he wants, not necessarily what the adults in his life choose 🙂
Margaret Knebel, AT Coordinator
“I was impressed with the passion for their product and finding a solution for just about anything I can think of mounting on my chair.”
Kevin Williams, Client
“Those who have used Mount’n Mover products reported enjoying the freedom to independently adjust their mount to a new position. They reported this enhanced their quality of life and independence. Thanks for empowering individuals to continue to participate in life!
Ann Hoffman, ALS Association-MN
“I want to say thank you so much for helping us out that day I was in to have you design the necessary apparatus to attach the mount to my husband’s scooter.  You are FaBulOus!!!
Karen Rogers, Family
“I love the Mount’n Mover because it finally gives my students full access to their communication device when they want it and how they want it. I think they are the best invention for kids in chairs in years!!!”
Rhonda Johns, Teacher
“I appreciate that mounting and setting up the system does not require me to be a mechanical or engineering whiz which also makes it easier for family and caregivers to be comfortable trialing and using the product.”
Marla Calder, OT