Linda Scott
Linda ScottProduction, Quality and Assembly
Scotty’s current part time role at BlueSky Designs involves quality assessment of incoming parts and assembly of the Mount’n Mover.


Scotty has a varied background in creative design, mechanical design and drafting, production, management, woodworking and cabinetmaking and a wide variety of jobs involving animals.
She has a degree in Mechanical Design from Hennepin Technical College as well as an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) in Cabinetmaking.
Work Experience
Scotty worked as a Mechanical Designer for five years at a plastics company.

She first worked with Di during an internship at Ablenet.

When she’s not working at BlueSky Designs, Scotty commutes across her yard to her own business Cedarberry Studio where she specializes in cabinetry.

Scotty volunteered for 14 years at “We Can Ride” which provides rehab riding lessons for people with disabilities. Scotty’s horse Cody served as one of the horses for 11 years.

“He was a good guy.” Scotty reported Cody was always much nicer to the students.

  • Loves working with her hands – woodworking, assembly, sculpture, and all kinds of home repairs
  • Begins every day at the dog park with her two terrier mix dogs, Ralphie and Rudy
  • Enjoys road trips with her partner Sue and the dogs
  • Plays softball on the same team she started on in the 80s
  • Used to make mascot heads for a living as part of the family business

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